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Featured jingle: ASAP Glass

This is probably our best known jingle in the South East Qld market. The idea was to try and make a grudge purchase fun. You generally only call a glass company when you've had a window smashed so the jingle needed to have great recall. That's why we wrote it as a fun story around back-yard cricket. Also, a story makes it easier for listeners to take the lyrics on board because it's interesting, not just a list of features. Furthermore we wanted to create "pester power" and that's one of the reasons it's so kid friendly. Kids drive their parents nuts singing this one. The final part of it's success was the client who has been consistently playing it on radio and TV for over a decade. If you live in South East Queensland and you break a window, fair chance this is gonna pop out of your subconscious, as it did for me 30 minutes ago when my 10 yr old kicked his footy through our garage window. Who do ya think I'm calling?


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